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Om TransLogistics, as a packers and movers company, provide you better storage services in your city. We have own warehouse in Delhi/NCR region. We can store your household items for a long term. We at OM Trans Logistics proffer you warehouse services in Gurgaon at a reasonable price.

Warehousing has got a lot more to do that what people think and can imagine, as per the normal through a warehouse is a place where dealers of vegetables and fruits or manufacturing units keep their finished products or raw materials. These days packers and movers agencies have their own warehouses at a lot of different locations across the country where they can store your goods for safety in a very long transit or in case of any kind of jam or even breakdown of the vehicle. The main motive behind warehouse service is to keep your goods safe and sound in the nights or in case of an emergency.

How are these warehouses different?

There are several things in these warehouses that make things different from that of a normal warehouse. These places have 24/7 security all around them and are filled with security cameras all over so that each and everything is guarded properly. They are at a convenient distance from the highways that make them easily reachable at all times of the day and night. These warehouses have a temporary accommodation for the drivers where they can freshen up and leave again for the long journey as well. On the other hand in case if you are shifting/relocating to another state so the goods can be reloaded onto another vehicle on which the household goods reach your new location safely. Thus warehouse service is mandatory now.

How to find these services?

warehouse service is an exclusive service which several the packer and mover agencies do not have, but as of now some very good agencies have come up with their own warehousing facilities all across the country and have added it in most of the packages that deal with cross-country relocations. You need to check with the agencies first before you give them a contract that does they have their own warehouses if yes then you can rely on them if the answer is no then the choice is yours. Finding good warehouse service is not difficult, you just need to find the correct agency.

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Yes that is true; we at OM Trans Logistics move your belonging with safety and security. you can now find the best relocation services for your home, office and industry (manufacturing unit) by just searching our name on the web.

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